To travel in a more sustainable way

February 18, 2019by Hotel Fljótshlíð

A very recent, rapid and happy development in Iceland regarding increasing of eco-friendly cars is welcomed by travelers visiting and driving around the island. Now many travel agencies and car rentals in Iceland offer f.ex. electric cars to travel around Iceland. Chargers are to be found all around the island and you can easily locate them by downloading this simple app from PLUGSHARE Hotel Fljótshlíð, Smáratún farm is one of these places where you can recharge your electric car making your travel less pollutive than travelling with a regular car. This is the perfect stop for charging while you rest, go horseback riding, dine in our restaurant or plant trees in our farmland to reduce the carbon footprint from your travel.

Eco labeled

Electric Plugs

If you are travelling on an electric car you have this app to find the nearest charger to the location of your hotel.