The first zero waste hotel in Iceland

February 18, 2019by Hotel Fljótshlíð

The last years we have been able to reduce waste from our hotel and restaurant dramatically with systematic recycling. Now we have set ourselves a new and bold goal. We are going to be the first zero waste hotel in Iceland. There we said it! Since we are already certified by the Nordic Swan we have been monitoring the weight of our waste for few years. So we pretty much know where we are and where to go. On the other hand the are obstacles in our path to No-Waste. Our next task is to analyse carefully what could stand in our way and find solutions for it. Then we will implement procedures for our team to follow. Last but not least we will have to have consistency to keep the wast down. We are going to be zero waste by the end of 2020.

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Electric Plugs

If you are travelling on an electric car you have this app to find the nearest charger to the location of your hotel.