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Hotel Fljótshlíð is located on a traditional Icelandic family farm. The meat and produce we raise is served in our restaurant – The Barn.

The hotel

as a Core Value

Hotel Fljótshlíð is certified by the Nordic Swan Eco Label and is leading role model for sustainability in Icelandic tourism.



Family Farm Smáratún

Smáratún farm is located in the Fljótshlíð agricultural area off road nr. 261, 10 minutes from Hvolsvöllur village and road nr. 1. For the last three generations the farm has been managed by the same family and the farm stay was introduced in 1986.

The GPS coordinates for Hótel Fljótshlíð, Smáratún farm is 63°43´27.7“N 20°00´45.3“W

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We have been working according to our sustainability policy since 2007. We were eco labelled by the Nordic Swan in 2014. We will continue our path towards sustainability and lead the way for others.

The hotel and restaurant

We offer accommodation in hotel rooms, chalets and larger cottages. We also have a campsite and cooking facility open all year round. Our hotel restaurant is open for everyone, both for dinner and breakfast. We take pride in serving food from farm to table.

The farm

Our livestock is 100 sheep, 30 cows and 30 horses, 10 settlement goats and some ducks and chickens. We also keep few piglets during summer. All our animals are free range all year round but have access to houses to take shelter from the Icelandic winter storms.

Travel tips

With a base on our farm you can do day tours to cover South Iceland.

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Family & Friends

Meet our team

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Arndís Soffía Sigurðardóttir (Dísa)

Dísa is representing the 3rd generation of the same family living and farming at Smáratún farm. She loves to chat with her guests, go tree planting and share her passion about sustainability and responsible tourism.


Ívar Þormarsson

Ívar is the head chef. He graduated with special honours from the Icelandic Culinary School in 2002 and he took his masters diploma in 2013. Ívar is also the farmer of Smáratún and makes sure that the restaurant always has the best raw material possible.


Frans Van Den Eijnden

Frans is from the Netherlands but lives in Iceland. Frans likes to learn new languages and is working on his Icelandic right now. He also speaks German, French and English. He is at your service.


Sigurlín Óskarsdóttir (Silla)

Silla does all the fun stuff at the office. At least it seems like that because she is always smiling. Send her an e-mail if you have a question about invoices or receipts. She will be happy to sort things out for you.

Travelling on
an electric car?

Here you can relax & recharge.

We welcome travellers on electric cars and have a charger here on our farm. This way you can continue your green travel around the island.

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Eco labeled

Electric Plugs

If you are travelling on an electric car you have this app to find the nearest charger to the location of your hotel. www.plugshare.com